Edison - Chef - Delsie Catering and Events

Today I had the opportunity to head out and have a fun shoot with my friend Edison. This guy is an artist in the kitchen. Check out his website here. This guy has spent some time with some amazing chefs in America and you can really feel his passion when you talk to him. I can't wait to shoot some of his food eventually! I wanted to try a few different things so we met up down at the hurricane barrier here in Providence, Rhode Island. 

I met Edison through our church, we were at an Easter dinner party at a friends house and we got to talking about life and He really has a beautiful story. To me one of the reasons that I chose my name of New Hope is stories like his. I started talking to him about his knuckle tattoos, because we all have a good reason as to why we choose certain phrases on our knuckles. 

He said he got it because he felt like he was a self made chef. He worked hard to get where he is at, but now he wants to change it. To reflect who is is now. God made, He knows he wouldn't be where he is on his own. 

If you like good food and you need a caterer for your even don't hesitate to call him. (401) 337-9239