Maddie & Jon - Movie stars in the making Part 1

So This has been one of my favorite couples shoots to date. Maddie and Jon rocked it and we created some amazing images. As I posted the teasers on my Facebook page my mom kept asking when their movie was coming out. Seriously their whole family could be in a movie. Normally I would say get someone like Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams to play the leading role, but needless to say I think we found their match. 

So we shot these up in North Providence because I had seen several areas where I really wanted to capture some amazing attraction images. I have wanted to use smoke bombs in some of my work and thought this would be the perfect time. You might call us all bananas for trying it, but feast your eyeballs on these. 

So after getting in some trouble with the smoke we moved locations. What is better than a bridge, a waterfall and golden hour? Nothing! 

And the last image I wanted to create was a lamp lit photo. We had to wait about 30 minutes due to the smoke bomb incident. So after grabbing a drink we went out and made this image!

These two are great. 

Maddie is a Stylist and does some amazing work.

She writes a blog here follow here and make an appointment with her!

The Beauty Lounge at Magnolia Station

Stay tuned for part 2!!!