Rainy Boston Marriage Proposal

So a few months back I received a message from this guy Chris who lived in Lawrence, KS. He found me while looking for a photographer in the Boston area to do a surprise shoot for his brother who was going to ask his girlfriend to marry him after the Boston Marathon. The whole family was going to be there to witness it and she was going to have no idea. When Chris found me he thought that he had looked in the wrong area since many of my photos are from Lawrence and Kansas City. But then he noticed that I had relocated and, well... the rest you can see below. It was a cold and rainy day and after their UBER driver got lost, and all four layers on me were soaked with rain they arrived. I pretended to shoot the birds and boats and whatever else looked interesting. Getting soaked was totally worth it to be able to be a part of this. And I am so thankful for Canon's weatherproof bodies! 

I also took this opportunity to shoot a video. Check it out below!