Boundary Supply Prima System Review - Initial Thoughts

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I have a problem, but this problem is not my own. It is shared by many others. 

I am always searching for the perfect camera bag, one that can double as my everyday carry, but I can put everything I need for a shoot.

My standard items that I need are;

2 Nikon d750 bodies, 3 lenses (Primes), microphone, camera stabilizer, and snacks. 

Part of this is that some bags can fit all this, but the shape is awkward, or when they fit all the items, the fit is weird. I had a bag previously, that I loved, but there were a few downfalls, mainly that the compartment that you opened to get to the camera, had the chance of failing (mostly due to the user). 

But then the Boundary Supply Prima System arrived. They had some issues originally with their manufacturers and shipping, but once the bag started to arrive, there was nothing but positive things to say.  

Colorado Adventure photographer Prima (5 of 5)-1.jpg

I have been running around with the bag for several months and wanted to write out some initial thoughts. I am still waiting for MK-1 Insert, to write out a full review, but here are some things that I like about the bag. 

Build Quality

When I first opened the box, this was the first thing that I noticed. This bag was built incredibly well. Its heavy, but when I am carrying several thousand dollars of gear, I don't want a chintzy bag, the last thing you want it a strap to fail and drop. 

I am 100% confident in this bag. I feel like if you filled it with bricks and threw it off a cliff it would still hold together.  The material, the buckles, the straps, literally everything feels like it will last. 


As I mentioned above, one issue that I have with camera bags is that if they fit all the gear they are too bulky. While I am still waiting for the MK-1 insert, I have so far been able to carry nearly all the things that I would like the carry on/in the bag. I have been using an insert from another bag for the time being as the Verge Case does not fit what I need. (Although the Verge Case is perfect for snacks). 


Since receiving the bag, it has been my daily carry. Car, bike, Tauntan, it works great for all of them. It holds up to pretty much anything. I have had it in water and snow, dust and mud, and it has never failed. Gear inside has stayed dry and protected. There is one issue that I have noticed that really does not have a fix, and that is the magnetic buckles.A few weeks back I was shooting an elopement at the Great Sand Dunes in Colorado and when I was packing up I noticed that I had that magnetic buildup on the buckle. This did not affect the bag buckling, but when you have camera gear, any amount things that can get into your gear is not fun. 


I wish it had just a bit more room/organization in the front pocket. There is a magnetic pocket that is nice for separating items, but if there were a spot to organize memory cards, cords, and other accessories that would be the bees knees. The Fieldspace (Laptop case) is very nice, but the organization there could be laid out better, but that is just my opinion. 

Front Pocket, You can use the magnetic hook for the provided keychain. and the back pocket is magnetic as well. Pockets are big enough for Phones, Hard drives, Snacks. 

Front Pocket, You can use the magnetic hook for the provided keychain. and the back pocket is magnetic as well. Pockets are big enough for Phones, Hard drives, Snacks. 

Other things that I like

 There are some really rad pockets that are hidden on the bag. One behind the water bottle holder and one on the inside flap that is RIFD, as well as two interior pockets that are nice for holding/ dividing things.

The fit of the bag when you are wearing feels really nice. Many of the bags I have had in the past are floppy and not fit for carrying your gear out in the wild. I had the bag in Utah for work and was climbing around in the canyons, sliding down wet rock, and doing a lot of activity. Never once did I feel like the bag was not secure. 

As I mentioned before I use this as my daily bag. I commute by bike about 15 miles each way to work and this bag feels great. While it is heavier than some, the airflow on the back is designed really well. There is no bag that will keep you dry 100%, but this one at least allows for the air to attempt to cool you. 

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