Instagram: Thoughts on building on rented land

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Instagram and Business

Over the past few days I have seen more posts than usual about Instagram and reach and likes. So I am writing another post about building on rented territory. Instagram is just a tool. You should never build a business on it. When you build a house you do it on land that you won, and the same with a business. So here are some thoughts from someone who is in the marketing world and how to use Instagram.

1.    Have a strategy. More than just posting once and day and hashtags. Do an analysis of what posts work and what posts do not. Figure out what your target audience is into and craft strategy around that.

2.    This strategy can change. With the algorithm out of your control. You have to be ready to change it. Work to push people to your site or blog or where ever it is that you deliver quality content.  

3.    Deliver quality content.

4.    Likes matter, but not as much as you think. Yes, they stroke your ego when you get a ton. But if you are getting 5K likes and not booking off Instagram does that matter? If you are getting 100 likes and consistently booking is that better? I would rather book more and have less likes. There is always the argument that if you have a ton of likes that people will want to book you more, but I would rather be booked off of my style and who I am rather than how many likes I am getting.

5.    What is your plan for when the algorithm changes? You can spend hours on Instagram and get no where. What are your goals, mine are to run a successful business. So after I took a full time photography and marketing job with an outdoor adventure brand I outsourced. I found something that worked and grew and booked more. Some may say it is not authentic, but I am the one who posts and captions and makes the stories. So it is me. I just don’t have time to spend on Instagram and have a life. So they interact for me. No commenting only likes and follows. But I still push people to my blog and website as much as possible.

So if you are worried about your Instagram reach come up with a plan, create come goals, and make it happen.

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