Riotly Social Media

I started using Riotly in November of 2017. I was at about 3K and in about 5 months they got me to 10K followers. This was my goal so that I could implement the links within the stories so that I could drive people to my blog and site and gain traffic that way. The key to success within this service is to know who your Target audience is, who your competition is and what your demographic is. Riotly will give you a sheet to fill out and to dial in your audience. They will like and follow accounts that fit the chosen demographic. I really found that it heled me with my strategy and goals.

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Target Market Resource

Hello! and thank you for checking out my resources page. My desire is to build into the photography community and this is my first effort. Any feedback or questions are appreciated. Below is the link to download my Target Market Worksheet. 

Click here to download the PDF

Enjoy this photo of me and the COD Killcam