Lightroom presets from new hope photography

Hello and thank you for your interest in my presets. Several of these I use in my professional work, and several I use in personal work. Most are an evolution of templates that I have used over the past few years.

Just a little about these presets. I ran a beta test when I was first thinking of releasing the presets. During that test I realized that I shoot very differently and almost considered changing these presets. But, like most, these are just a starting point. A place to give you an idea and to make them your own.

Shape them.


Own it.

They are not perfect, but neither are we. We have to grow into who we are meant to be. 


I tend to shoot a little more over exposed than I feel like most people shoot, but it all depends on the light. Not all of the presets work in the same light, but as you can see below many are fairly versatile depending on the look you want. Feel free to click through the images to see how these presets work. 

C = Color or in BW= Contrast G = Grain    F = Free     so   GF = Grain Free   

Reception Fade

For me this is an interesting preset. If you look through my portfolio, many of my reception images are edited with this preset. In low-light it has a very fun a interesting feel. 


These presets are more ones that I use for fun personal work. I occasionally use them for engagement photos when the mood is right. These presets have an old lens, saturated feel to them. The images are not super sharp, but sharpness is not everything. 


These are the exact same preset, but one is warm and the other cool. Use caution with these are they are probably the most finicky of the bunch. The warm can create VERY warm photos, and the cool has a mind of it's own. I recently edited almost an entire styled session with these presets. The R in these stands for rich as I wanted to create rich colors with them. 

The color series

The C obviously stands for color. These 4 presets are my go to color presets. and I would say that I tend to use C 03 the most. They all vary slightly but they are fun and some of the first that I created. have fun with them and make them your own. 

THe BW series

The BW as I am sure you guessed are my Black & White presets. I do not do a whole lot of B&W work, so many of these are for personal use. Occasionally I will use one of them for wedding receptions. Mostly the Shit Film was a creation just to have fun with. I would be excited to see what you do with it. 

"They really do have a wide range of suitable application. They shine on images that are already kind of softer, and flatter, it seems. The higher the contrast that exists in the base image the more correction is needed after the application of the preset. But as a stepping stone they all have a lot of merit. Your sharpening masks are (Heart emoticon)" - Brandon Manning

You can download these presets here. (or here)