My wife and I eloped 8 years ago, so being an elopement photographer is pretty rad. Getting to photograph elopements in ColoRADo is also amazing. There are so many locations and such a wide variety of views. (We just need an ocean here and we are set).

Loveland Pass.jpg

Mountain Top Elopements

Jones Pass, Kingston Peak, Loveland Pass, or any of the other billions and billions of epic mountain tops are amazing locations to shoot on.

Mountain Lake Elopements

There are so many mountain lakes and even more to discover. Im down to try one of my known locations or go find a new one.

Kingston Peak.jpg

The Paint Mines.jpg

The Front Range

The Front Range in Colorado has some really beautiful locations. I have a few bucket list places, like The Paint Mines Interpretive Park, Eldorado Springs, & Lost Gulch Overlook.

Thoughts on Elopement Photography

Decide who you want to be there.

So you might want to elope with just the two of you or you might want some family and friends. Couples usually start just wanting the two of them, but as they plan they realize that maybe some family or friends would be nice to have along.  I have packages and solutions for all sorts of intimate wedding options.  

Don’t be scared, Be proud!

With elopements there are times when people may fear the reactions of their families. When My wife and I eloped there was mixed reactions. But other people’s reactions is not on you. For is it was more about the being married rather than getting married.

How do we book?

             Get to know each other. Lets talk. The best option is to set up a phone call/skype/or Facetime.

             Contract: I will send you the contract for you to sign.

             Retainer: The retainer is 50% of the final package. There are multiple payment options available. The final payment is due within one week prior to your wedding day.

Once you finish with these three steps we are ready to start planning.

FAQ about Elopements & Intimate Weddings

Do you travel?

Yes! I am available to shoot elopements and weddings worldwide.

 Colorado locations

  • For Colorado Elopements and Weddings Travel is included within an hour (50mi) of Boulder. After that my rate is $.50/mile. Any overnight travel is booked at $80/night.

·              For Elopements outside of Colorado

  • $900 flat-rate travel fee to USA locations outside of Colorado (Hawaii is $1200 due to cost of accommodations).

  • $1500 flat-rate travel fee to locations outside of the United States.

What do we receive when we are done?

All packages will receive the final edited images. A short video, and an album.

When are the photos finished?

I always give some previews along the way as I edit. I try to get you one photo by the end of the day, but this depends on time and service. This way you can immediately share something on the gram! The full gallery will be finished within 4-6 weeks.  

How does the album process work? Can we order prints?

You can order stunning, high-quality professional prints directly through your online gallery (and so can your family & friends!). Albums are handcrafted by me. You will get to see the first draft and make any edits. After the album design is finalized, I will send it off to my lab to be printed and bound.  


What’s the difference between an elopement and an intimate wedding?
Eloping is about the simplicity of the two of you without the stress of a big wedding.

Big weddings, while fun, can be stressful and take away from what really matters. You two getting hitched. Some couples choose to elope by themselves. Other choose to bring only their parents, or siblings, or just a few friends.

For my purposes the definition of an elopement is when a couple has less than 10 guests. Between 10 and 25 it becomes an Intimate Wedding.

If you have more than this and absolutely love my style lets chat.


How far in advance should we begin planning?
Times can range. I have had couples book a year or two in advance, and I have had others contact me the week before. It all depends on you and what you are into and my availability.


How do I get a Colorado marriage license if I’m from out of state?
Colorado makes it pretty easy.  You can obtain your license through any county in Colorado, it does not need to be the county in which you are getting married. All the offices are open M-F so plan ahead. You will need a valid ID so be sure that you have that. The clerk & recorder at the office will give you specific instructions on how to fill out the license, where to send it after the ceremony and when you can expect to receive your final copy in the mail. Read more info here!


What do we do if it rains or snows on our wedding day?
That is part of the fun. In Colorado we can have every kind of weather within a few hours. I have been on hikes and bikes rides that started in in the 80’s then dropped to the 30’s with rain/snow flurries followed by jumping back to the 80’s. It’s part of the fun. Plus storm clouds make for some epic photos.

 Do we need an officiant?
No! Colorado is one of the few states where couples self-solemnization and anyone can do it. You have the freedom to have your wedding exactly your way. If you want an officiant let me know and I can help you out.  (I am also ordained through a previous job if you are interested in that).

How to Elope in Rocky Mountain National Park. (Or other national park)
First off I prefer to get out of the National Parks. They are so crowded and packed that it takes away a little bit from the intimacy of the day. But if you choose to get married in one here is what you should know.

For RMNP The National Park Service has a special wedding permit required for all couples getting married within the Park boundaries. Whether you have 20 guests or it’s just the two of you, you have to apply, pay a $200 fee and have your permit before the ceremony can take place. Click here to access the wedding application.

Other National Parks have similar requirements. Some parks require the photographer to obtain the permit, others the couple. Let’s have a chat about where you are interested in going and create a plan for your day.

We want to elope in Colorado, but have no idea where.
Colorado obviously has some amazing locations, something to consider is how far you want to travel. Aspen is about 4 hours from the Airport, Crested Butte is about 5, and Telluride is almost 7 hours. If you are looking for mountain tops there are some amazing locations within an hour of Denver.


What is your booking policy?
For elopements I require a 50% deposit and a signed contract in order to book, with the remaining balance due 7 days prior to your wedding date. Everything can be done online in just a few minutes, it’s super simple!


How many people can we bring?
Well, I really only shoot elopements and intimate weddings. So it can just be you two, or you can have some family and friends. But keep in mind that I only shoot weddings with less than 25 people.

How do we get to locations?

Often times locations are a good hike in and out. This is part of the story and can be super fun. Other locations we can off-road to and then hike up. (Don’t worry you can ride with me).  

Do you travel outside of Colorado for elopements?
I travel all over. I love epic scenes and adventures with rad people.