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About Me 

I am a lover of Chipotle and stories. My career has taken me all over the globe, yet the wanderlust never ceases. I love workign with couples because their stories are unique. I enjoy working with business because your visuals tell your story as well. 

When I am not shooting, or eating Chipotle, you can find me editing, watching The Office, building bicycles, and cooking. Sometimes all at once. 

I will do any thing for the shot. Whether it is hanging on an off-road truck driving through the desert, standing chest deep in a lake while a couple floats by in a canoe, or standing precariously above a table to make your food look its best. I will risk anything for the shot. Will you?

About You

Couldn’t have picked a more perfect photographer for our special day!             — Mackenzi C

My goal is to make your wedding day as stress free as I can. How? First, by having a plan, second, by communicating all day about that plan, and third...working to remove you from stressful situations. ;) 

You two have spent so long getting to know each other. Sharing secrets, building trust, falling deeper in love. Now you are planning on becoming partners in this adventure called life. The excitement is real. The nerves are real. The Hope is real.

If the hope of a strong marriage and the desire for something beyond the standard describes you. Then I want to be a part of telling your story. 


Photography for me is not just a job, it is an outlet, a passion.

After your session or wedding you will receive physical prints, not just something you can look at on your phone or device, but something you can hold. 

That is real.

That you can feel.