Yes, you. In todays world with an online presence we are all brands. We have personal brands and we have to represent ourselves as such. So as photographers, how we conduct ourselves online represents our business. If you have two profiles and use one to present yourself to customers and one privately, you still must operate you private one in a way that represents your brand. 

Why? Marketing.

Marketing is not selling a product, it is selling your brand. The idea of who you are and meeting a client expectation and satisfying their need. 

As photographers we have this fine line between being an artist and a business person, and we hope that the two can be the same. But for many there is who we are as artists, and then who we are as business people.


One big thing to realize is that brands contain two sides. Their Brand Image and their Brand Identity. 

Brand Identity

Brand identity originates from you, from the brand itself. As a photographer, you might like to think of your work as "artistic, fine art, modern," whatever. But that are what you want and see. 

Brand Image

Brand image is how you are perceived by the outside world. 

The best brands have both their Brand Image and their Brand Identity align. 

As a brand strategist, I have learned how to work with companies and individuals to shape their brands. For photographers, I have evaluated websites, and marketing communication materials to help them reach their target market. 

Mentor Sessions

Topics that can be discussed, include but not limited to;

- Branding (Not design, but communication)

- Brand Strategy

- Identifying Target Market

- Marketing 

- Advertising

1 Hour Session $100 

Introductory offer 2 sessions for $100


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