Rhode Island

Wedding Flowers

So prior to becoming a wedding photographer I never noticed the flowers at the wedding. I might speak for most guys in that this may be one of the last things on our minds when it comes to weddings. The first is probably food. Even if you are the groom, the food and drink may come before any other details. Now I know there are exceptions. I had a wedding this year where the groom was a musician and cared about the reception and the music more than anything. But the ladies love flowers. So I wanted to let some of these long wilted lovelies live on. 

But now, flowers are one of the details that I am most excited to see. Every wedding is different and every bride has a different vision. 

I had two wedding this year that had arrangements that stood out. Elizabeth had one of the most unique bouquets. Her husband Grant is the head coach of Brown University's baseball team so there were many elements that included a baseball theme. My favorite part was that the boutonniere for Grant was made out of a baseball leather, and Liz's flowers had a baseball flower in them as well. You can see their wedding here.  Flowers provided by Blooming Blossoms.

But one of the best flower arrangements was from Caitlin and Drew's wedding. Caitlin is a horticulturalist with the parks in New York. Growing up she worked for Weedweavers of Wakefield, and Elaine created some masterpieces for the wedding. You can see the full wedding here. There are so many from this wedding I had to share all of them. 

Below are a few more of my favorites!