Wintery Colorado Elopement - Nikki & Jeff- Colorado Elopement Photography

Colorado elopement photography - Winter elopement.jpg

Colorado is unpredictable. That is one thing that I always tell my couples that are coming from out of state for a mountain wedding. This was no exception for Nikki & Jeff’s elopement. This past spring was one of the strangest that I have ever seen in all my years of living in Colorado. We had snow and blizzards all the way through June. Nikki and Jeff eloped at the end of May and as the day approached I saw that there was potential for some intense snow.

I was a freezing rain as I left my house in at 3:30am, and as I drove up into the mountains I went through rain, fog, blizzard like snow, nothing, and finally light romantic snow.

The road was closed to the fist location we had chosen, and the hike in was a good 8 miles so we went to location two. After a short hike in the snow, which was hard, we arrived up at the lake. Nikki and Jeff were both troopers and they had an amazing time.

After they read their vows, which were hard to not get misty during, they popped some champagne and we shot some more photos.

I also created a video for them. Here is the preview. (I learned it is very hard to film in snow, when you cannot see the rocks and trees underneath your feet). Check the video here!