Adventure Photography - Shooting a Spelunking Adventure

Adventure Photography Caving-110.jpg

As I have mentioned before, I also spend a good majority of my time shooting outdoor apparel for a company called Triple Aught Design. Besides our shoots that are product specific we go out and adventure with our customers. Most recently, we went out and explored a cave with our community. So for me I wanted to shoot this as true to life as I could, meaning that instead of using a flash to light the cave, I wanted to use only the lights that we had. One of our company partners is Surefire. They provided us with several of their Minimus and Maximus Headlamps as well as several of their Flashlights. Having used the Maximus and Minimus once before I knew that these would be provide enough light to shoot with.

One of the struggles of shooting in a cave is that any rock that is right next to the light suffers on being too hot. Losing the highlights while not providing enough light to your subject. This is what makes a flash near impossible to use. I brought a flash so that I could utilize it for any off camera work, but on camera I was just not happy with the results.

Below are a few shots where I used Off Camera Flash to light and you can see a few hot spots in the photos.

Let me know what you think and if you have any questions!