Boulder Colorado - Britnee & Austin - Colorado Elopement Photographer

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So last weekend I was hanging out and my wife and I were going to go do something in Boulder. But, alas, she had to go take care of something at work. So rather than sitting inside and playing some video games, I decided that I wanted to get out and shoot. So I posted on my instagram, that I wanted to get out and shoot in Boulder. Low and behold Britnee was hangin out in her living room, probably cuddling with her dog and skipping through insta stories when her eyes fell upon my offer.

“Yes!” She replied.

And we set it up. So we headed out to a spot I had in mind up Flagstaff Mountain and shot some fun little Photos.

Austin is a huge proponent of the Prom Pose so we hooked it up.

Then we were lucky enough to see some deer.

Well, we next moved over to a spot some some rad views of the surrounding mountains and took the photos on a slightly more intimate turn.