Best of 2018 | Colorado Elopement Photographer


Photographers love to brag about their years. At this time there are thousands of blog posts out there about the Best of 2018, and here I am writing one for myself. I really am not worried about if someone sees this or reads my ramblings. Well, I know that my mom probably will.

Hi Mom!

So personally this year was interesting. I started a full time job working as a visual content producer for and outdoor apparel company called Triple Aught Design. Technically I started in 2017, but in 2018 I accepted a full time position. In this reay I got to go to Spokane Washington to tell the story of White’s Boots.

Having the opportunity to get out and see these handcrafted boots was really amazing and getting to own a pair is really a treat.

We also went on an adventure to Utah and got to shoot some underwater photos and see some rad sights like epic waterfalls in slot canyons and petrified dunes.

We also did some fun overland trips with some super fun people.

We explored Moab

We also Explored some of Colorado’s beautiful backcountry

Colorado Off road adventures.png

There is much more that we did but man, that would fill so many pages. I got to shoot mountain biking, high alpine running, overlanding, and so much more. We also had the opportunity to launch a women’s line of clothing. Which was certainly something that I never would have expected to do.

Weddings/Elopements & Couples

This year was an interesting one. Now that I am working full time, I do not have as much time as I would like for my business. But that also means that I was able to change some things are really focus on what I love. Spending time shooting couples and really exploring that side of my creativity. So no I am focused on Elopements and Couples sessions.

That said I had the opportunity to shoot two weddings this year.

I was up in Vail for this rad Mountain Side wedding. I shot their engagement last year and was looking forward to getting to spend the time in vail shooting something with these views.

I also got to fly back to Rhode Island and shoot a good friends wedding at Roger Williams State Park.

I also got to shoot several Elopements in Colorado

A Winter Elopement in Vail

An Elopement at the Great Sand Dunes

And a rad Sunrise Elopement at Horsetooth Mountain

Colorado has so many amazing places to get out and shoot elopements that, that I think I found my new passion. I am really looking forward to shooting more of them this next year!

I also had the opportunity to meet a ton of amazing couples and to get out and create, what I feel like, are some truly amazing photos for them!

All in all I was pretty stoked with the year. In 2019 I am going to focus on my creativity and try and push myself. I will probably do less weddings as time goes on, but I am excited to see what happens.