Great Sand Dunes Elopement - Mariah & Malachi - Colorado Elopement Photographer

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About a year ago I transitioned from shooting the big all day weddings to the small intimate weddings and elopements for a couple reasons. I was really just over the all day shooting and the wedding hangover (It is a real thing that does not involve alcohol). That was a huge reason, but I also too a job as a photographer for an outdoor apparel company. So that takes a ton of my time, but is super rad.

Also after shooting my first elopement in Iceland I was hooked. Now that I live back in my home state of Colorado, I have an endless amount of locations to shoot around.

The Great Sand Dunes in Southern Colorado is one of those that is epic.

So when Mariah contacted me, I was super stoked to have the opportunity to shoot there. But being that this was in the height of summer the sand dunes were at about 90 degrees, so while we waited for sunset to hit I took them up to Zapata Falls, one of the hidden gems in the area.

This was perfect as the falls were about 20 degrees cooler than there rest of the area.

After starting at the waterfall and waiting for the evening to cool off we headed down to the sand dunes where Mariah and Malachi were going to say their vows.

I had done a little scouting earlier and found a nice spot that was down between some dunes. We had a perfect view of Mount Herard, as well as being out of the way of the wind and with no people in the way.

We also had a bit of fun with some of their wedding gifts.