Dear Photographer: No one cares about your photos

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I have been thinking about his blog post for a long time. Because years ago I learned something important about my photos. That lesson is “No one cares about your photos.” The real meaning behind this is that no one cares about your photos until they are invested in them. Usually, this means that they or someone they love are in the photos. 
Many times we as artists and creators get so caught up in our photo interactions on Facebook and Instagram that we really do not think about what we are doing. But think about how many people are exploring on a platform like Instagram. Often when I see people scrolling through Insta, it is just that. Scrolling. Maybe it’s the
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Double tap
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No one is truly consuming the content. It's like walking around in a Costco and only sampling, but not buying the product. It seems that the goal is to get people invested in your work without them being in the photo. What is being delivered to them? Is there something that they will come back for?
Those damn meme feeds, they deliver a smile, a laugh, we find content that we identify with. 
When you post photos of your family, and the flowers in your yard, your close friends the ones IRL, and family will be invested. But when you are a business, and you are posting engagement photos or content from weddings, Commercial shoots, Landscapes, how does one get invested in that content when it is not about them. 

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At times you can get featured on accounts that matter. This lets others know that you are “important” that your content is “worthy.” But what happens when your content is just as good, but your style does not fit theirs? You get lost in the feeds. We tend to think that exposure means business, but this is not a guaranteed case. 
You have to create consistent content, consistently. 
But remember, no one really cares. If you stopped posting tomorrow. Who would be sad? Would people mourn, and if so for how long?

Now what I am saying might seem like someone who is bitter. But what I am writing from is a place of freedom. When I finally realized that no one cares about my photos. I was able to take a step back and breathe. I was no longer worried about the likes and reach from a validation standpoint. I still think about them from a business standpoint, but I don’t stress it. 
So in the end, remember that all these channels are just tools. If you are running a business, how can you use them for that purpose? If you are using thee channels for personal reasons, are you stressing for the wrong reasons? 
In reality, does it all matter? Maybe its time to just take a deep breath and just let go.