Dear Photographer - Fight in the Shade

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What is up everyone? Hopefully the slow season has treated you well and you are rejuvenated for this next year. Every so often I will write a little encouraging ditty for all us. I mean, I need it too, but I want to share things that I find encouraging with others. 

So what do I mean fight in the shade?

Remember that movie 300? Well, that actually originates from a true story. While the movie is a bit ridiculous. There are parts that are true and even quotes that have been passed down in oral tradition to remember the Spartans and how 300 (there were more Greeks, but only 300 Spartans) stood against the armies that came at them. 


So in the oral tradition and history of the battle, when a message is sent to the Spartans that basically they have no chance, because 

"Our arrows will blot out the sun"

The Spartan General is said to have laughed and replied

Than we shall have our battle in the shade!

So why am I writing about history to photographers? Well, here is where I was inspired. There are manny times that are tough as a human, as a small business owner, and as a photographer. We may have times where we want to surrender because the onslaught seems overpowering. It could be clients, it could be life outside of photography, or it could be the drama that unfolds within the photography world itself. But it is all about outlook. The Spartans and their companions at most numbered about 7,000, and the invading Persians had over 300,000 in their army. The Spartans faced certain death, and they did. But their outlook was to laugh in the face of desolation and be mock the threat with the joy of shade in battle. 

So, when the going gets tough. How can you find shade in what you are dealing with? Remember that if people are trying to destroy you, it means that you have something worth defending. When other photographers talk shit about you, it is because they are insecure, and threatened. So your shade is your success. 

When it is a rough client. Remember those who you have given so much joy. 99% of the time it is not you. It is the other people. Unless you are just an ass. Then it is you. 


So when the arrows start flying, find your shade... and PARTY!!!