War of the Vendors - Wedding Planners & Photo/Video People

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There are so many vendors that come together to make a wedding day happen. From the planner to the event staff, the entertainment to the bartender, the media people and the florists, along with so many others. The wedding day is constructed in such a way that we all need to work in harmony to provide the best experience for the couple. 

But often time this doesn't happen. It is all unseen, but photographers and videographers tend to have beef. Photographers and planners have issues, and photographers and DJ's can even have problems. Well, maybe the problem is the photographers, we can be a little demanding. But lets be honest, for the media folks, what we provide lasts the couple forever. We do have a little pressure. 

So I started a series for photographers about working with other vendors. So the first one is Wedding Planners. Over the years, I have worked with some that frankly, I am not sure how they are in business. But I have worked with a ton that are amazing and see the fact that we are a team that works together to make the day happen. So I have asked several Colorado Wedding Planners for their thoughts. I sent them several questions that hopefully will open our eyes to their day. 

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Jazmyne Lewis - J. Lewis & Co

1.    As a wedding planner what is the hardest part about your Job?

Hardest part I would say when you cannot be in all places at once and would have to delegate to other people to get the job done. Putting out fires that seem uncontrollable have been a challenge as a planner. Making sure that clients are happy, trying your best to not make a mistake, but overcome them. 

2.    What would you like the Photographers & Videographers know about Planning?

That you have a reliable partner to assist you to make sure the day goes smooth throughout the event-an event planner. Having a strong collaboration and vendor relationship would make a whole lot easier and more opportunity to gain leads.

3.    How can we (Photo& Video help you out)?

Marketing and collaboration are huge key components to getting twice as many leads then as a solo vendor. I would like for photo and video help me by encouraging your clients to have a wedding planner and stress how important and cost effective it is to have one in helping them with the planning process and to run the show the day of their event.

About J. Lewis & Co

J. Lewis & Co is an event planning company that specializes in executing signature events through event design, referrals (invitations, catering, registry and so much more). From pre-planning to day of coordinating- J. Lewis & Co is the company that can do it all. 

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Aimee Palifroni - Prisma Events

1.    As a wedding planner what is the hardest part about your Job?

As a wedding planner, I think the hardest part about my job is the physical aspect of the day of the wedding. I think people have a generally very romanticized view of what a wedding planner does and it’s much more physical work than they realize! The day of an event we are on our feet for 10-12 hours, moving quickly, setting up décor and details (even moving tables and chairs sometimes!), barely eating, and trying to be in two places at once. I average at least 19,000 steps on wedding day!

2.    What would you like the Photographers & Videographers know about Planning?

I would like photographers and videographers to know that we DO keep you in mind when creating timelines. I think it happens a lot where not enough time is considered for everything that they need to get done so we make sure that we can build in some buffer time and talk with the vendors about how much time is ideal for them to get everything they need. When we are trying to orchestrate a lot of different people and vendors, the timeline is crucial to keep everyone on the same page and keep the event moving at a good pace. If we have changes, we let everyone know so they can be prepared. We want to make sure everyone gets their jobs done and the couple has every shot they want!

3.    How can we (Photo& Video help you out)?

I once had a photographer put reminders in his phone to make sure that they were back to the reception site before cocktail hour ended so he could photograph the room before we let the guests in. That was amazing! We were at Denver Botanic Gardens and it’s nearly impossible to hunt down a couple and the photographer once they have gone off to take couple shots. When I came around the corner and saw him already back, I was so happy! I think the best way photo and video can help us is to be mindful of the timeline and try to stick to it as much as possible. We create the timeline to keep everyone working together, keep the event moving at a good pace, and help the couple maximize their party time! We don’t want you to miss those perfect couple shots – trust me, we love them as much as you do – but planning ahead of time and getting back to the site is super important for the rest of the night.

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Natasha Tuccitto - Sugar Willow Events

1.    As a wedding planner what is the hardest part about your Job?

Hardest part of my job is, time... there is never enough set up time. Keeping large groups of people to a somewhat schedule, when and where during a wedding with the wedding party, parents, grandparents and such.


2.    What would you like the Photographers & Videographers know about Planning?

A planner can only do so much, so it is very helpful when the photographers and videographers are working with planners to move things along.


3.    How can we (Photo& Video help you out)?

I typically meet with the photographer and videographer before the wedding to work out a timeline together. I will also include the DJ, so we can all work together on the major events of the reception to make sure everything goes as planned. So I guess I would like photo and video to plan to meet with the planner ahead of time. And to always make me look as thin as possible in any shots they get;)

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My Thoughts

When vendors work together, there is a lot that can be done in a short amount of time. I think that one of the hardest things at a wedding is we all want to do a good job. We all want the bride and groom to be happy. 

As the media people we are the only vendors that are with the couple all day. Often times I start my day at 8am and do not finish till midnight. We have a lot poured into the day as well because when we go home we still have work to do on the wedding. Many times we are editing the photos or video, and building albums for months after the wedding. 

I like to communicate with the planners and coordinators that I work with from the beginning. I insist on building a photo timeline with my couples to ensure that they receive the photos that they have dreamed about. When there is no planner I often become the planner by default. Telling people were to sit, where to be next, and how to cut the cake. When there is a planner if we work together we can make to couples day absolutely amazing. 

I appreciate you reading and to Natasha, Aimee, and Jazmyne for taking the time to help with this post.  

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