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Elopements have become one of my favorite things to photograph. Especially since moving back to Colorado where there are endless sources of epic locations to shoot. One of my biggest challenges is finding places where I can take couples that have amazing views, but that are not crowded with people.

Rocky Mountain National Park is so crowded now, on some weekend days it can take you 30 minutes just to get into the park. Then you have to wade through the crowds just to get to a view that is rad.

But the good news is, there are a ton of rad locations that are off the beaten path (while still on the path, cuz you know Leave No Trace) that are just as amazing, if not more amazing.


Jones Pass, Kingston Peak, Loveland Pass, or any of the other billions and billions of epic mountain tops are amazing locations to shoot on, near, or around.


There are so many mountain lakes and even more to discover. I am down to try one of my known locations or go find a new one.

We could even find some inflatable paddle boards and have some fun! (As long as we are allowed).


The Front Range in Colorado has some really beautiful locations. I have a few bucket list places, like The Paint Mines Interpretive Park, Eldorado Springs, & Lost Gulch Overlook, and many more.


Often times there is a stigma in the older generations about eloping. More often than not is is associated with bad choices, someone getting pregnant, or rebellion. But now days that is changing.

Couples are wanting to forego the big wedding, to have a small intimate moment. Sometimes with just the two of them, sometimes with several family members. But no matter what these moments are more focused on the idea of BEING married rather than GETTING married.

My favorite part about shooting elopements is that I really have a chance to connect with my couples. When you spend time hiking up to a location and shooting. As well as getting to witness them say vows that they have written to each other in an intimate setting, man its is such a great moment.

With the longer adventure elopements we can hang out, cook a picnic and really make the day something special. Sometimes hikes can take several hours and other times just a few minutes.

One thing to note is that in Colorado there is a very real chance of dangerous afternoon storms. Morning sessions and elopements are always a better choice due to a lower risk of getting caught in a storm.

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So you want to elope in Colorado? (Or Anywhere really).

Decide who you want to be there.

So you might want to elope with just the two of you or you might want some family and friends. Couples usually start just wanting the two of them, but as they plan they realize that maybe some family or friends would be nice to have along.  I have packages and solutions for all sorts of intimate wedding options.  

Don’t be scared, Be proud!

With elopements there are times when people may fear the reactions of their families. When My wife and I eloped there was mixed reactions. But other people’s reactions is not on you. For is it was more about the being married rather than getting married.

Plan something at home.

After eloping, many couples plan a small gathering at home. Sometimes they have a dance together, sometimes it is just a night of drinks and hanging with family. I have even had one couple have a small reception just for family and friends, that was catered and all that jazz. But again, eloping is making it about the two of you so, as they say

You do you.

Marriage License.

Know the laws and requirements of where you are going to be eloping. Colorado is one of the few states where couples self-solemnization and anyone can do it. You have the freedom to have your wedding exactly your way. If you want an officiant let me know and I can help you out.  (I am also ordained through a previous job if you are interested in that).

How do I get a Colorado marriage license if I’m from out of state?
Colorado makes it pretty easy.  You can obtain your license through any county in Colorado, it does not need to be the county in which you are getting married. All the offices are open M-F so plan ahead. You will need a valid ID so be sure that you have that. The clerk & recorder at the office will give you specific instructions on how to fill out the license, where to send it after the ceremony and when you can expect to receive your final copy in the mail. Read more info here!

Elopement Planning.

  • Research legal requirements for marriage at your destination

  • Hire a media team (Photo and Video) to tell your story

  • Book your Airbnb or Hotel

  • Rent a car (If needed)

  • Make sure all your shots and travel Docs are up to date

  • Plan the day with your photo/video team and/or coordinator

When planning your elopement, it is good to do as much research as you can. Feel free to reach out for questions and we can help you with your planning.

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How do we book?

             Get to know each other. Lets talk. The best option is to set up a phone call/skype/or Facetime.

             Contract: I will send you the contract for you to sign.

             Retainer: The retainer is 50% of the final package. There are multiple payment options available. The final payment is due within one week prior to your wedding day.

Once you finish with these three steps we are ready to start planning.

Want to book an Elopement? Contact me here!

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