Pro Tip: Lightroom Metadata The Easy Way

Big Sur - McWay Falls

Lightroom is an amazing program. For those of us that process a massive amount of images Lightroom is the way to go. But there are some things that you can do to help with efficiency, as well as to protect your images and boost SEO.

Many of us use Lightroom presets to speed up our workflow, but how many use metadata presets? This quick setup will help you with applying metadata on import.  

New Hope Photography SEO

In the library module select the Metadata Menu on the right.

New Hope Photography SEO

Once the menu is expanded, click on the preset sub menu at the top. Once opened select "Edit Presets"

New Hope Photography Preset

Once you have selected "Edit Preset" this screen will pop up. Fill out the information. 

New Hope Photography Metadata


When you import your photos select your metadata preset to apply on import.