New Hope Photography's First Senior Rep- Geneva - Red Rocks Colorado


So since I moved back to Colorado, I was excited to start shooting seniors again. In my last state senior photos were not a real big thing. I really love workign with seniors because each one is different and unique, they all have their own interests and passions and we get to use these to create some amazing photos for each one. 

Last month I began a Senior Rep program which I was super excited about. The problem was I really didn't know any seniors to pitch it too. But my cousin Mindy has worked with teens for years, and when I was talking with her mentioned that she knew someone that would love to shoot. 

So I would like to introduce Geneva. Although she graduates this year, she was super excited to be involved. 

Geneva - Red Rocks

Geneva attends Columbine High School, in Littleton Colorado and is an upperclassmen mentor. It does not stop there, she likes to keep herself busy with dance, singing, teaching dance, photography, working out, writing, modeling. 

She was a 100% natural in front of the camera. Even the test shots were amazing. We decided to shoot at Red Rocks in Morrison Colorado. I have always wanted to shoot here and never had the opportunity. Although I grew up in Colorado, I did not start photography till after I had moved away. 

Check out the rest of her session below. 

Interested in being a Senior Rep? There are some pretty cool perks! Check out the application here.