Family and Photos - A Personal Post

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Most of the time I write about photography, marketing, past sessions, but I do not really get personal. But today I really felt like writing about family, mainly my Grandparents. 

Right now my Grandmother is in the hospital, which for our family is nothing new. We all thought that she may have been gone 20 years ago. But she is a short stubborn southern lady. My theory is that she has so many things wrong, and they are all trying to get through the door at the same time, so they are all stuck. That and she has an immense love for her kids, grandchildren, and now great grandchildren. She has invited all of the grandchildren's spouses into the family with welcoming arms and really become their Grandmother as well.

Recently we moved them down to Vail, Arizona from Fort Collins, Colorado. While they were staying with my Aunt and Uncle she took a fall, potentially due to a small stroke, she has a brain bleed that got infected, and every day we wait to see what will happen. We all know that she probably does not have long, but the hardest part is knowing how my Grandfather is dealing with it all. He has been sitting by her side, talking to her and repeatedly telling her "Norma Lorraine, I love you."

October 11th 1952 - 65 years of marriage

They met while in Russian class. She was taking Russian so that she could work for the NSA, he was in Air Force intelligence, 6901st support squadron, Suitland, Maryland.Over the years together they lived in Libya, Virginia, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Texas, and Colorado. He served for 23 years in the Air Force and had a tour of duty in Vietnam from October 1966-October 1967 and retired as a Master Sargent. Most notably he was awarded a Bronze Star for his service in Vietnam.  

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My Grandmother raised their three kids during this time, My dad and his brother and sister. When she was working she worked in the banking industry and learned bussed all the kids to all their sports games. She has always been a fighter. Fighting umpires about the rules in baseball, the referees about the rules in basketball. At one point she received a technical foul as a fan. But her Southern spirit has always been alive and strong. 

Here is how this all ties in with photography. My Grandmother is all about memories. She has a mind like a steal trap. When telling stories she would often mention mundane facts like what was eaten for dinner, or what hotel they stayed in, things that no one really cares about. She also had albums of photos, whenever they moved she brought dishes and furniture that they have had with them since they got married. She created, captured, and harvested memories. 

We have always had the ability to create our own stories, to go out and do what makes us feel alive and happy. If we are not happy and do not feel alive we can change that.

We now have the ability to document our stories as we are living them. Become someone who lives their story, who captures and harvests memories. Do what makes you happy. Life is short. Find someone that will be your adventure buddy, that will travel the world with you. That brings you joy. Find the person that will sit by your bed day in and day out holding your hand, and whispering "I love you."

I for one couldn't be happier. I have that travel buddy. A woman who has more patience, love, and grace than anyone I have ever met. She keeps me centered. She calms my soul. She brings me more joy than I ever thought possible. When I look at my grand parents, now I get more and more excited to grow old with this lady. 

Most of these photos of my grandparents were provided from my Aunt Vicki. She always claims she is not a good photographer, but these photos have so much meaning it doesn't matter.