The Most Comprehensive Photographer Gift Guide Ever (Satire)

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As we all know the holidays are usually no holiday for photographers. We are crushed with all the editing that we are backed up on. We are getting inquiries for family photos and mini sessions. While trying to bake pies and shove bread into a dead bird. 

So I am compiling a list of gifts for that memory maker in your life. 

1. A Day Off

Take their computer, their camera, their phone, and lock them in a room with some ambient music. Like some Enya or something. Tell them to chill out and take a nap. 


2. A Stiff Drink

Doesn't matter if it is wine, whiskey, or a six pack. Maybe just one, maybe a whole bottle. It all depends on the year that they had.

This is an awesome gift. The Whiskey Advent Calendar

Screen Shot 2017-11-22 at 1.22.04 PM.png

$165 and it keeps on giving 

3. A Hot Tub

You can sneak into a rec center, or a community pool, a local apartment complex, or just go buy one. After a summer of weddings and sessions a good soak in a hot tub will be good. The best part is there is one for every budget. 

Screen Shot 2017-11-22 at 1.19.03 PM.png

This one is $299

4. A Puppy 

People with dogs have less stress, and live longer. Buy that special persona puppy. Then they can take photos of the dog instead of you!

Puppy dog.jpg

Its not like you have to do anything. They take care of themselves. 

5. Hasselblad H5D-200c

This will shut them up forever. You will never have to give them any other gifts. EVER. 

Screen Shot 2017-11-22 at 1.29.50 PM.png


But lets be honest. On a per year basis that is less than all the gifts ever combined. Purchase here. 


6. Large Format Film Camera

Megapixels be damned. If you get them this, they will have a resolution NASA will be jealous of. If it was good enough for Ansel Adams it is good enough for your photographer. 

7. Taco Bell Gift Card

Weddings run late. Help your beloved photographer out and get them the 4th meal. They will thank you later. 



 $100 should cover the whole year.