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 Iceland elopement/wedding

I realized that I never blogged about my experience in Iceland. I have shared the photos, and the galleries. But I have never told the story. It is full of long days, little sleep, and a lot of KM driven.

Alex and Matt sent me an email about their Iceland getaway. They were having a small ceremony back home, but they love to travel so they chose Iceland as their first adventure as a husband and wife, and they wanted to document seeing some of all the amazing sights that Iceland has to offer. 

We met at the Boston Logan Airport and ate lunch together before we took off to Gardur where we spent our first night, having a few drinks and chatting about life. 

The next morning we took off towards The Blue Lagoon. 

 Iceland elopement/wedding

When we landed in Iceland we headed to our first night's Airbnb to plan the next few days. During the time that we were there, the daylight was about 18 hours of daylight which meant that we were able to shoot for quite a few hours a day. So, first we headed south towards The Blue Lagoon. There were too many people inside, so we ended up shooting around the area. 

The Blue Lagoon

After the Blue Lagoon we headed South, with the goal being Seljalandsfoss. Along the way we came across some shipwrecks and a rad lighthouse. 

Later we came across this lake where we ate lunch and took some of my favorite photos from the whole trip. I absolutely love the tones from Kleifarvatn Lake. 

And what is Iceland without seeing some ponies. 


As the day started to come to a close (We still had several hours of daylight) we finally made it to Seljalandsfoss. This is one of the best waterfalls in Iceland. You can get behind it and get soaking wet. But we also made some amazing photos in front of the waterfall. I mean when you have wildflowers and waterfalls with beautiful people you can't go wrong. 

Iceland .gif

This was almost the end of day one. But I locked my keys in the trunk and spent two hours trying to get them out. I met an amazing couple from Poland who gave me some liquor to keep me warm, and we took a selfie. 

Iceland selfie

Iceland Day 2 - Skógafoss

On day two we headed out to Vic and Skógafoss in the morning. Skógafoss is probably one of the most famous waterfalls in Iceland and it was hard to create photos without people in them, but with some in camera cropping and photoshop we took some epic photos. 

If you ever go to Iceland this one is definitely a must see. 

Iceland Skogafoss

One of the other most epic places that we got to visit while we were there was the Jökulsárlón  glacial lagoon. We did not go all the way to the parking lot, but rather stopped on the side and walked over. From where we parked you could not see the lagoon, but when you crested the hill it was absolutely breathtaking. 

Iceland Glacier (1 of 1)-1.jpg
 Iceland elopement/wedding
Iceland Glacier.jpg

Iceland was such a beautiful and breathtaking time. The people, the scenery was all amazing. IF you are interested in an Iceland elopement or wedding let me know!