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I love talking gear. I have shot photos with many different cameras, carried many different types of bags, and used a variety of tripods, straps, and whatever else you might need during my years in photography. When I was beginning It was always intriguing to see what other photographers used as far as their gear and why they use what they use. So here it goes.

For starters I shoot mostly elopements & couples out in the wild as well as commercial photography in the realm of food and apparel. So the chosen gear is used for my primary uses. Also not that while I appreciate good gear (and there are times that I would love more) I have realized that I can shoot with a very pared down set and I do not need all the lenses and filters and even at times name brand pieces.

Bags & Cases

I have condensed to 3 bags and 1 type of case for my average photography uses.

Boundary Supply Prima System - My everyday/hiking bag

I did an initial review here. But I have used this bag nearly everyday for the past year. It is great as a bike commuter bag as it has great ventilation, and sits really well on my back. It comes with a great laptop sleeve that has its own designated pocket as well as a case that can fit a DSLR with a lens and it attaches with a sling side pocket. So this bag is great for the short hike as well as for everyday carry. Boundary has an MK-1 insert that I have yet to pick up.


ONA Astoria - My Everyday/Couples session bag

I love a good messenger bag, especially a nice waxed canvas bag. Over the years I have had 3 waxed bags. I had a Kelly Moore bag, which I used for many years. The size was great, but it lacked the build that ONA has in their bags. Later I picked up the ONA Brixton, but it lacked the space and the organization that I had in my other bag, so alas I sold it. Later on ONA came out with their Astoria bag. With just a few added pockets and organization, this bag is perfect for a wedding day or a couples shoot. I can throw two bodies with lenses in this, toss my third lens in and even add a flash or two. I have a secure pocket for SD cards and batteries as well as some snacks.

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Shimoda Designs 30 & 60L - My Adventure bag

I initially did a review on the Shimoda 30L for Carryology here. This bag is amazing. I have both the 30L and recently picked up the 60L as I needed a bit more space for my adventure elopements. This bag can fit alot, and it carries really well, so when it is fully loaded it does not feel very heavy and it stays steady on my back. I love that the bag has a variety of access points. My other favorite part is that the bag opens from the back, so when I am out shooting and I lay it down in the snow, mud, dirt, whatever, the front of the bag gets dirty, but i can put it on my back without getting dirty myself. There is not enough great things to say about this bag.


Pelican 1510 - My Safe/Big travel case

I have two of these. One just to throw random gear in, and one that has the padded dividers. This case is my storage safe at home, as well as the case that I use when I travel. It can be stepped on, dropped, rained on, rocked around and my gear is safe. Every photographer should have one.

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Cameras & Lenses

Nikon D750

These are my two main bodies and the ones that I switched to when I switched over from Canon. I chose the D750 for the dynamic range as well as the tones that nikon has in its sensors.

Sigma 24 Art, 35 Art, & 85mm Lenses

For some reason I hate the way that zooms look. So I am a prime lens shooter. I have culled my lenses down to these three focal lengths as these do what I need for all my work. The 24mm I use for big landscape shots, and big tablescapes when I shoot food, I use this alot as well during most of my commercial work while shooting lifestyle apparel. I like to be right in the action and the 24mm gives me the ability to get close and still show the surroundings.

The 35mm is my main lens when I am shooting. I really just love this focal length. Many times when I am shooting couples I get about 6 inches from them as I shoot. This lens is just my everything.

The 85mm gives me the one lens when I need some compression and reach.

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Panasonic G85

I picked this camera up as it is compact and produces some great content. The camera and lenses with it have a built in stabilization system that allows me to be able to hand old for some video work. This camera is also just a backup in case one of the other ones break. I utilize a 20mm 1.7 lens as well as a 14-45mm3.5-5.6. for what I utilize this camera for these lenses nail just what I need. The 20mm gives me that low light F stop, and the 14-45mm gives me the stabilization and the reach.

Mavic Pro Platinum

This is my drone of choice. I like this drone as it packs down in my bag and I can hike with it out of the case, which saves room on my long hikes. The Mavic Pro has a 25 minute battery life and is super easy to control.

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Yongnuo YN 560IV

I have used the Yongnuo flashes for years. This is one the the pieces of equipment that I don’t buy name brand. I have never had an issue with them and they are cheap enough that if they break I can buy another. Most of the time when I use my flashes it is during inclimate weather so if the snow or rain causes damage, its alright.

Holdfast Moneymaker - My go to

I love this harness. When I am shooting weddings and elopements it gives me the ability to have two cameras with different focal lengths on me at all times. For a wedding day that lasts 12+ hours this is comfortable and easy to use. Other than this I really choose not to use straps. They get in the way and I dislike them.

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Memory Cards

I use Sandisk 128gb cards in both slots of my Nikons. Never had an issue with them so I continue to use them

Peak Design Capture Clip

I utilize this on my backpacks for various shoots. If I know that I will be climbing at all or will need to snag various shots on the hike.


For my cameras I utilize only name brand batteries. At times the 3rd party batteries can fail or not give you a good reading on charge. For my flashes I use Eneloop Pro. These hold a good charge and have a great recycle time.

External Hard Drives - Seagate

Over the years I have used mainly Seagate External Hard Drives as a storage and backup solution. They have never failed on me and the slim ones travel really well.

MacBook Pro 13in & 15in

Mainly use a 13in Macbook Pro as my primary editing computer. It is lightweight and small. It gives me enough power and RAM for my uses.

Alien Bee 800 & Vagabond Mini

When I shoot the occasional studio gig I use the Alien Bee 800. I love the ease of use and the ability to use it on the go with the Vagabond Mini Battery Pack.

MeFOTO Classic

For my tripod I use the MeFOTO Classic. It is small and light and can take a beating.

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