When food fights happen - Part 1

So, in my time as a photographer I have gotten to meet and shoot some really rad people. Two of these people are Jen and Brent. When we were discussing their couples session Jen said that she didn't want anything all "lovey dovey." Well, I tend to shoot a lot of this so I had to get in my brain and see what I could work out. So, I asked them what they enjoyed as hobbies. 

They mentioned music and that Brent liked cooking. So my immediate thought was  a food fight theme. From shooting Jen before I knew that she would be down, and Brent was immediately game. So we talked logistic and went all out. 

While they started tame the photos got a bit more intense towards the end. Obviously these two were into getting their kitchen a bit dirtier then most of us would. 

Stay tuned for part 2 of the food fight next week.