Brevite Camera Bag Review


So I picked up this bag about a month ago and it has been my daily bag since then. I have had a few people ask me what I have thought of it, so I decided to write a review. 

Brevite ( Pronounced Brevity) is a different than any other bag that I have owned. Like many photographers I have a camera bag addiction. I think at the moment I have 6.  Mostly because I have had yet to find one that fits my needs. For the past few months I have been using my messenger bag with a camera insert. This worked not that well. I could not fit a DSLR and my laptop and a text book. I am in Grad school, so I need to have my books and laptop with me most of the time, but I also like to have a camera. Many times I will be studying and have a shoot later and because I bike commute, I do not have a car to keep everything in. 

I saw this bag when a buddy of mine was reviewing it over on SLRLounge, I loved the way it looked so I ordered one. So here are my thoughts. 

First look, I was a was a little irked that the leather on the bottom looked plastic. I was hoping that it was just the images I had seen, and that the leather was a better quality. But as I wore the bag I realized that this may be on purpose in order to keep the bag from getting wet through the bottom. I have ridden through several rain storms, and the water comes right off. 

This brings me to my next thought. The bag has an optional rain cover. It is $20 more but after getting caught in a few rainstorms I wish I would have picked it up. I will probably order one soon. However the bag did well. My laptop and camera stayed dry. 

There is plenty of storage, two pockets on the front that have slots for pens and such, a small zippered top pocket, perfect for sunglasses or headphones or storing the rain cover. The bag is comfortable with breathable padding and the straps fit well. 

There are two buckles so if you need the extra support for hiking you have it. Two nifty features on the straps are 1. A strap to hold your sunglasses or a bluetooth speaker and on the other side there is a lens cap holder. This feature is interesting, but I have yet to utilize it as the holder is for a 58mm cap. It would be nice if you could order to fit your most used size, or if there were attachments available. As I said this bag has been my daily commuter for about a month and riding 8-12 miles a day it still feels comfortable and sits well. 

The bag also has a removable insert for your camera gear. I love this insert for several reasons. First it fits my DSLR with a lens with no issues. Which for everyday use is all you need. This leaves room for me to fit an apple/banana or other snacks and have them protected and not get totaled. I need snacks with me and this bag has room for all of them. 

As you can see it is also roomy. I can fit two SLR bodies with lenses and a small mirrorless. Or if I want I can fit my Mamiya 67 in there. (Those of you who have held this know what a beast it is). Last week I took this bag on a styled shoot with me and was able to fit all I needed in it. It almost fits all I need when I shoot weddings, but I will still be using my shoulder bag for convenience sake on those. 

Brevite also thought to add this side access pocket. It seems nifty, but it is hard to get the camera out. If you are shooting mirrorless or a smaller camera this will work, but it takes a minute to get a DSLR out. But the good news is, when you are taking an image of the bag in Yosemite, and have the bag on a rock, your camera body probably won't slip out.  

The rear pocket has a padded sleeve for laptops, my 13in Macbook fits fine and Brevite says that a 15in will fit in there as well. I usually have a textbook/iPad and laptop in the large pocket and have no issues with room.

If you need more room there is a pocket that attaches to the compartment that contains the insert. I usually carry my Kryptonite lock in there with some snacks. But if you need it, you could fit film, a moleskin (or field notes), smoke grenades, your favorite Star Wars action figure or any other hipster items you need. I guess you could fit non hipster items, but whats the fun in that. You may even be able to fit one of those southwest style blankets for your models to pose with in there. :) 

The bag also has a mesh side pocket for a water bottle or a tripod as well as straps to hold the tripod. If you prefer you can also attach a tripod on the side. 

Overall I would highly recommend this bag. Not only is it versatile and comfortable but it is practical. I also like that it looks like any other backpack out there. No one may guess that you are hauling several thousand dollars of gear in it. I am curious to see how the leather holds up over time. But I am happy with my $160 investment. I feel like my gear is safe. Especially once I purchase the rain cover.

If you would like to purchase one check them out here.

Till later. Keep shooting!

* I was not paid to write this. These are my opinions.