Why I should cut your hair.

So one of the main complaints that I see in my photography groups are photographers losing potential clients to someone who is willing to do it cheaper/a relative/ someone who does not specialize in photography. This is frustrating as I have had this happen to me as well, but there are several things that photographers, and most creatives need to realize here. 

1. Photographers do this themselves

2. We need to support each other 

First thing. So The title of this blog, why you should let me cut your hair. (Its a long story, but it has a point) Since I was about 16 or 17 I have cut my own hair. I would go go Walmart and buy the cheap buzzers and for $10 would be able to cut my hair for about 2 years till those buzzers broke. Then I would repeat. It was easy, I just used a 0 guard and called it good. I really did not care. About 2 years ago I wanted to change it up, so I did. It looked okay, but I can never get the line in the back right. So the other day I went to a friend for my first professional haircut in 15 or so years. It felt great. It looked good and was amazing. I just tried to touch it up myself and messed up the line. It is back to alright and back were I was. 

Hair looks okay, but thats why I added a lot of shadows

Hair looks okay, but thats why I added a lot of shadows

So one thing I see happen is that photographers complain about loosing clients to a relative or someone cheaper, but they do the same thing. When it comes to design,  many photographers attempt to create a logo themselves. There are many out there that are SO similar, that one brand logo looks like the next. Usually this is because a popular photographer did something and others follow. Or they create their own marketing materials. Sometimes they do not do half bad, but the thought of PAYING a designer to have the brand conversation and create and logo off of that is outrageous.  

Here is the thing. It is expensive. But it is so worth it. Someone who is outside your brand can see things you cannot and help you in crafting the flag for your identity. My first logo was awful. Like really atrocious. But when I first designed it I thought it was the coolest thing ever. But several years later, I decided to invest in a designer and had a logo created. It changed everything. I viewed my self differently. 

Since then I have hired a designer for my marketing materials and never looked back. I will hire a designer anytime I need something designed. 

The left is my old logo the right is my current

The left is my old logo the right is my current

So here is the second part. We creatives need to support each other. I understand that not everyone can afford to have a designer create a logo and branding materials for them, but maybe a design student can help you out. Just like not everyone can afford to pay $5000 for a wedding, but may hire a student to help them out. If we as photographers want people to value our craft, we must also value other creatives and their crafts. I can cut my own hair, it looks okay. But chances are, unless you need a buzz, You probably will not hire me to cut your hair. But I can recommend some people. Just like you probably won't ask your car mechanic to do your taxes, or your accountant to fix a roof, if we VALUE the end result, we should let the specialists do the work. 

People come in all budgets and values of work. Some people just want a photo or the moment, some people need experience. If we support the creative community around us, good things will happen. But if you want me to do a Chop, Balayage and glaze, only tears will happen. (Thanks to @maddieshew on instagram for the hair terminology).