Tanis & Alicia + Rhode Island Party

This day was absolutely beautiful. Alicia and Tanis live in Ohio, but decided to celebrate their marriage at this small yet amazing barn in Rhode Island. 

When I showed up I was blown away by how gorgeous the venue was and how much time they took to set it up to be absolutely perfect. The best part was that they were down to create some amazing photos and as you can see they both are absolutely stunning. It was so amazing to see the love that was poured out from friends and family. 

My favorite part of the night was after the first dance, we went out to take some more photos and I just asked them to dance and sing to each other just like they had during the first dance. 

Now that I am back in the Denver/Boulder, Colorado area I am 100% open to shooting more same sex couples! Love is Love. 

Just dance

Just dance