First Looks

One of my favorite moments to shoot is the first look. For those of you reading this who have not heard of this, it is when the bride and groom see each other before she walks down the aisle. There are several reasons that I enjoy this moment. The first reason is that it gives us an opportunity to create some amazing photos. The couple is so excited to see each other and that is a moment that they get to share together instead of everyone watching their reaction. 

These moments are fun as well in that they are a challenge for me. The above photos were shot next to a parking garage as there was really no other location close by to shoot. - Atlantic Beach Club Hotel - Newport, Rhode Island

This first look was different in that she wanted to see him, but he wanted to wait. We had planned on using a door to separate them, due to light we chose to use the stairs off the balcony. This gave us the perfect vantage point for us to capture both their reactions. So it can be done. Compromises can be made, which is a great way to start a marriage. - The Barn at Gibbet Hill - Groton, Massachusetts.

Another reason that I love shooting first looks it helps relieve some of the stress of the day. As anyone who has gotten married can attest to, the entire wedding process is stressful, so I say if a first look helps take away some of the stress, then go for it! 

Andrea and Mick's first look was shot at Burlington Marriott Hotel - Burlington, Massachusetts 

The best part of shooting a first look is the smiles. I always tell my brides that there are two certain things on a wedding day. 1. Something will mess up the timeline and 2. your cheeks will be tired. One of my absolute favorite first looks this year was Liz and Grant's wedding. Every time I have seen Liz, she is smiling. I even "ran" into her while she was running (I wasn't running) and even while training for a marathon, Liz was smiling. So I knew that the first look would be amazing.  

So while there is something to be said for tradition and waiting till the bride walks down the aisle, there are benefits to seeing each other prior to the ceremony. Not only does it give you more time to spend taking photos, you get to relax and just enjoy being with your future spouse. What do you think? Why would you want to wait? Or would you like to create a first look? Did you have one? Let me know your thoughts!