Branding Part 2

Ok, I know that I said I would get this one out earlier, and I apologize for not getting to this till now. Things happened, I wanted to blog other sessions, and the more I read and prepared for this the more I held off. This could literally be a whole site/blog of itself, but I am going to TRY to focus on writing towards photographers here. 

So is some advice, thoughts random musing that I have had while I have been studying this. So lets start of with this thought.


Yes, you. in todays world with an online presence we are all brands. we have personal brands and we have to represent ourselves as such. So as photographers, how we conduct ourselves online represents our business. If you have two profiles and use one to present yourself to customers and one privately, you still must operate you private one in a way that represents your brand. 

Why? Marketing.

Marketing is not selling a product, it is selling your brand. The idea of who you are and meeting a client expectation and satisfying their need. 

As photographers we have this fine line between being an artist and a business person, and we hope that the two can be the same. But for many there is who we are as artists, and then who we are as business people.

So here is what I mean by this; I have a friend who is a photographer. Her work is absolutely amazing. But she only take clients who let her shoot the way her artist vision is. Her work is so outstanding that this works for her. People want her for what she creates, and if they want her for something else, then they do not understand her brand. If you wanted one word to understand her brand it is Emotional. Not emotional, like a middle school girl crying in the bathroom, but rather, passionate and hopeful. Emotional as in it draws you in and makes you want to be a part of the story. She has her brand and people try to emulate it, but will never be her. 

There is another photographer that I follow, by the name Gabe McClintock. His work is amazing. He is another photographer who, when you see his work, you know it is his.  Many photographers worry too much on what their website looks like, how many followers/likes they gain, or their logo. But these things are fleeting if your work and your vision sucks. When you  get out there and create, shooting photos that kick ass and blow people's mind. The rest will come, people may not remember your logo. But they will remember your brand.